Tuesday, 30 August 2011

So, what are you up to at the end of September?

I can’t believe that it’s already that time of year again… a time for London to embrace the interior design industry and for designers to run maniacally around large open spaces filled with temporary stands, drink gallons of fizz and consume far too many canapés. As has become the norm for me, it’s also a THE most frustrating week in the year where I typically receive a multitude of alternative invitations to do nice things, which this year included; accompanying my hubby on a business trip to NY (with first class upgrade!!!) and a relaxing break in an Alpine chalet. However, on balance, I think I am going to enjoy being in London more (particularly with hubby out of the way)… and for me, if the Tom Dixon party is the pickled liver of Design Week, then Decorex is the beating heart – and the running theme at Decorex this year is ‘Cherished Places’ or, for me, 'Sanctuary'… Sanctuary is an interesting concept as the interpretation is deeply personal - it can mean something very different to everyone. It is also something that can remain aspirational and elusive, particularly if you live in a city like London … and, from a design perspective, it can encompass the home in its totality or relate to very specific and unique spaces within the home.

Understanding what Sanctuary means – Decorex is collaborating with Maggie’s to promote their latest centre in Nottingham - designed by Paul Smith and Piers Gough, it provides a truly amazing space where anyone affected by cancer can gain hope and solace. A true Cherished Place removed from the sterile hospital environment that provides a respite for patients and relatives. Can’t wait to attend the seminar on ‘Maggie’s Teapot’ to see the space and the inspiration behind it…

Defining your Sanctuary – Decorex has also asked several top interior designers to share their most Cherished Places – places of sanctuary ranging from country retreats to memories from their childhood… It’s a fascinating question and has just made me realise that I could do with a weekend away…

Creating your Sanctuary - To help turn clients’ homes into Cherished Places, Decorex has brought together a fabulous array of suppliers… from 39 exhibitors in 1978 to over 300 hand selected interior firms today. There will be something for everyone… and amongst it all, the inspiration to help your clients achieve the individual, the aspirational and the elusive. Oh, and there’s the Martin Hulbert champagne bar too (my little Cherished Place and sanctuary at Decorex).

Below are a couple of examples of suppliers who will be at the show…

(Image from Pinch Designs)

(Image from Abbott and Boyd)

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