Friday, 27 January 2012

A black and white view of everything…

A genuine classic when it comes to colour schemes is monochrome black and white. Black and white or simply white décor always does the trick in making your home appear effortlessly stylish and, to be perfectly honest, it’s actually the easiest colour scheme to pull off.

Images from Screen Image via Canadian House and Home and 4mo&mo

(Images from4mo&mo and Styling Lotta Agaton Photo Petra Bindel)

For monochromatic schemes to work, the room needs to have an even balance of black and white accessories – for example, look for striking vases or pieces of art, and don’t forget photographs. Using black and white photography is a great way of tying together the whole monochromatic effect in your home. It’s also worth bearing in mind that black and white photographs are one of the easiest and most impactful accessories to either create yourself or to purchase for a relatively modest amount.

(Image from rue via Aestate)

To get a bit of visual variety going on in the room, make sure you pick furniture and other items (such as cushions or throws) that are different in textures and finishes – this will keep the eye entertained and help break up the room a bit more effectively (so it doesn’t just look like a sea of black and white…).

Monochrome works fantastically on its own or as a great base into which a small injection of colour can be applied. Rather helpfully, black and white can withstand any accent colour so you can be really bold and splash colour here and there in the form of accessories and artwork. What’s great is that this means if you want to revamp the room you can simply change the cushions and art and you have a whole new scheme. TAH DAH… and for my next trick…

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