Friday, 17 August 2012

Good evening, Mr Bond…*

What an absolutely amazing two weeks to have been in Great Britain and, if you were really lucky, in London – other than the deeply unsettling, verging on post-apocalyptic, emptiness around tourist hotspots, west end shopping streets and across the entire public transport network (read ‘free seats on trains’), the buzz around the city was infectious and the weather was uncharacteristically amazing. Actually, based on that rather bold opening statement, I am now deeply suspicious that we were in fact transported through space and time to an alternate universe (where London is a lovely place) or, for those of you who remember it first time round with ‘I’ll be back Ar-nie…’, experienced something vaguely resembling the storyline of Total Recall. Anyway, I thought The Olympics were truly outstanding and that we did an absolutely fantastic job of hosting the games (even if it was just an alternate universe or a deeply implanted fictitious memory). Also, following last week’s blog (where I slated her chances of winning), I also wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge congratulations to Jessica Ennis. I was lucky enough to see her on the first night of the heptathlon at the Olympic Stadium and she took it all in her stride (literally and figuratively) – in fact, she was a true inspiration… she dealt with all the pressure of being the poster girl for the London Games and still came away with gold and an absolutely phenomenal performance.

So, having managed to do absolutely no work for the best part of two weeks, either because I was at the events or glued to the TV watching everything from Athletics to the Modern Pentathlon (???), I was absolutely gutted when it all came to an end… in fact, I even shed a tear when the flame was extinguished… and that’s not because I was really, really confused about whether the closing ceremony was absolutely hopeless or the defining work of a mad genius… Anyway, the Olympics (part one) is over and it’s back to the humdrum of everyday existence… well, that’s what I thought… until Davy told me he had booked us a last minute summer holiday to the Maldives. And believe me gentlemen, that’s the sort of earth shattering announcement that gets women everywhere thinking about clothes shopping… So, as the long forgotten cauldron slowly cools, I have been frantically looking for inspiration for my summer ‘water villa on stilts’ wardrobe – whilst looking on the Worldwide Interweb I came across the image below and I just loved the vibrancy of the colours… and, as this wonderful find coincided with thinking about a topic for my blog, I thought I would take the opportunity to share it with you.

From time to time I come back to a design fundamental – concept images. It has been a few months since I last got on my soapbox about them, but given that they are such an important element of the design process I wanted to remind you about them one more time (well, until the next time…). It’s super simple… if you find an image that you love, explore whether you could apply the colour palette to create a space that works in your home. I can guarantee you that if the colours work in the image they will almost certainly be able to provide the necessary inspiration and basis for the design of an interior space in your home…

(Images from Vogue and,uk)

*HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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