“I am the Resurrection…”* - well I’m not, but you get the idea…

It’s Easter and the start of new beginnings for all of us (unless of course you were ‘the big JC’). This time last year was the birth of my blog, ‘A Design for Life’, which is now one year old and still going from strength to strength (although in recent months I have decided to write shorter more punchy articles rather than the huge tomes that were a characteristic of the blog during its early days). I recall the nervous anticipation when I sat down to put pen to paper (or ‘fingers to keys’) for the first time – after quite some effort, redrafting, editing and polishing, the first blog was published/uploaded on the 11th April – and a year on, I still love doing it…. Not only does it force me to proactively keep abreast of what is going on in the industry, it also keeps my mind and brain switched on – these babies don’t write themselves – they involve quite a bit of research, particularly when searching for images to support the subject matter (this blog possibly excluded).

The past year has absolutely flown by and my blog has gone from very humble beginnings to being selected as a finalist in the Decorex Bloggers competition and then becoming the official blog for UK Interiors. Not only has it received recognition as a blog in its own right, it has also resulted in several large projects that have kept me busy during the course of the past year.

(Image from www.marthastewart.com) 

I personally think Easter is a great time in the year to start something new, so why not set yourself a challenge for the year ahead and get cracking next week. You never know what it could lead to… I couldn’t have imagined the success of my blog when I came up with the idea… all part of my ongoing quest for global domination.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break…

* I am the Resurrection, The Stone Roses


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