Maximising the tranquillity of your bedroom…

As part of the ‘work, rest and play’ theme, I am going to look at how the environment in which you sleep can have an impact on the quality of your rest. Here are my tips for maximizing the aesthetics of your bedroom and quality of your sleep:

Your bedroom should be a calm and relaxing place, hence the decoration should not be too stimulating. It is best to limit colour in bedrooms to a splash against a neutral background and not use distracting patterns on the walls.
Given that we spend about a third of our life asleep, I believe that you should spend as much as you can afford on a good quality mattress, as it can make all the difference between having or not having a good nights sleep!
The bed should also be the focal point of the room. The days of a mountain of scatter cushions have long since gone and have been replaced either with a statement bed or an upholstered headboard. I don’t think you can beat crisp white bed linen with a good-looking throw. 

In addition to a good mattress and bed, blackout curtains and blinds are also crucial to ensuring a good nights sleep, especially in summer. 

When designing your bedroom it is also important to think about all the things that you like to do in this space; from sleeping, to reading, to chilling to love making. Lighting is a critical element in assisting in the changing of mood for these different activities.
From an aesthetic point of view curtains and lighting need careful consideration as they are the things you immediately see when you are in bed… 

Also, clothes storage should be one of the key things you consider. If possible, locate cupboards in an adjacent bedroom - however not all of us are blessed with being able to have a separate room for our clothes. If this is the case, try, where possible, to ensure that all storage is behind closed doors. Fitted storage tends to look sleeker and uses the space most effectively. Consider opting for an entire wall of seamless cupboards or if your bedroom is large enough consider hiding them neatly behind a bed head wall.
In order to maximize the tranquility of your bedroom, make sure that you eliminate all objects that have nothing to do with sleep or relaxation. For me this includes; TV’s, PC’s, office furniture and exercise bikes (yes – I have seen them in bedrooms!)
No matter how beautifully decorated your room is to create a relaxing environment, this is all pointless if your bedroom is full of junk and dirty clothes. In my opinion clutter should be banned from the bedroom…

Here are a few bedrooms that I love…

(Image from Living Etc) 

(Image from Elle Decor)


  1. Love white linen sheets too... nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed with crisp white sheets!


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