Grey Matters…

I was asked earlier this week by an industry publication to provide my thoughts on interior design trends for 2012, so this week my blog is focused on the colours that I think are going to be hot during the next 12 months…

Economists and corporate types have been talking about the ‘new normal’ – continuing economic uncertainty and market volatility for the foreseeable future (oh dear…), and in keeping with this pretty grim outlook, the key colour for next year is going to be grey... and although times may be tough and austerity bites harder than ever before, take comfort from the fact that every shade of grey is super cool! - you will see it in everything; wall coverings, polished plaster, window treatments, artwork and furnishings. The great thing about grey is that it is a colour that works on most palettes, so it can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of different concepts and designs...

(Image from Christina Fluegge)

(Image from Christina Fluegge)

(Image from RUM by Danish interior stylist Gitte Kjær) 

In terms of other colours on the ‘must have palette’ to team up with greys, an odds on favorite for 2012 is likely to be yellow… this will lift the palette and add an element of freshness to the room. It wouldn’t surprise me if the emergence of yellow as a key colour in schemes is also a reaction to the challenging economic environment we all currently find ourselves in - with yellows we are striving to benefit from its positive psychological qualities; happiness, optimism and confidence for the future. From a more philosophical perspective it is also important to consider that custard is yellow. As are bananas. And many Lamborghinis.

(Image from Kråkvik & D'Orazio)

Other colours that will feature heavily in 2012 include; indigo blue, grass green, greige (beige/green hybrid), alongside the traditional and timeless old favorite… monochrome.

(Image from B&B Italia) 

Orange will still be hanging on for dear life; purple is on its way out (kicking and screaming) and brown, which had a very long run, is gone (RIP and thank you for your services to design).

(Image from habitually chic interior design by m. elle design)
As I said, grey matters - I love using a palette of grey in all its forms and I look forward to adding an injection of happiness in the form of yellows, oranges or indigo blue to lift our spirits in 2012… Keep calm and carry on… and embrace the ‘new normal’.


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