Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.*

Well, Design Week is over and my liver (read ‘alcohol processing plant’) is now in full on recovery mode - far too many school nights out on the town in London and Monaco! – enough fizz to sink a ship, never mind launch one… Not great preparation for my imminent half marathon…

For me, the real highlight during the past few weeks was spending time on the super yacht that I have been working on for the past 18 months while it was showcased at the Monaco Boat show… and, most importantly, for it to be the talk of the show (you can’t really miss it – it’s huge and the interior is quite spectacular). It was so rewarding to see the yacht looking supreme amongst all the other craft and for it to receive so much high praise (from designers and billionaires alike). Unfortunately I am unable to share any images or tell you what it’s called, which is truly gutting… I can’t even drop any obvious hints…

So, given that I can’t show you any images of the yacht, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite finds from design week. Such a super simple idea (the best ideas always are), but such a great concept for displaying artwork and images from books and magazines.

(Image from 

The box has malleable foam rubber balls inside it that push the pages of a magazine or book or piece of art against the Perspex front to display the image as if it were floating in the box and on the wall …and the wonderful thing about it is that if you get bored with the images you can simply open the lid and change to another page or publication – you can actually curate your own art collection!

Can’t wait for these to go on sale – I think they would be a great addition to my studio to display inspirational and concept images – and maybe the odd picture of a super yacht… By the way, if you are in the process of commissioning a super yacht and need a designer, please do give me a shout (although I don’t really do anything less than 70m…).

*David Lee Roth


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